Monday, February 27, 2012

What did I miss?

I had my annual Oscar-night soiree last night. Somehow or other, conversation kept distracting me--to such an extent that I missed all the couture! So I went online today to catch up (to academy_awards_red_carpet &

Here are the gowns that I love:

The 'collection' is a little surprising: lots of white dresses. I'm not a big white-dress fan. I loved the color (emerald) of Viola Davis's gown, but it had an unfortunate ruffled slit in its skirt. Yuck. For me, gown of the night is tied between Penelope (#2) and Octavia (#5).

Now, for the gowns that I really do not like. First up is the sibling of the young woman above, in the lovely pink gown. The white gown below on soeur Mara looks like an ill-fitting nightgown. And next is an admirably eco-sensitive gown that nonetheless has way, way too much going on. And a weirdly misshapen breastplate.

Kristen Wiig's getup looks like a dried-out husk of corn. And, sadly, Sandra Bullock, who usually hits it out of the park, just looked odd.

Then there's the problem of Kelly Osbourne. Hate the hair color, love the hairdo. That color ruins a truly glamorous look, because the dress is spot-on.

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