Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can't see how to work this thing (long!)

I've been looking for a full-time job since at least November (longer, probably, but in earnest since Christmas, and constantly since the 51A filing). It's really not OK that, among other things(!), I have worked for the consulting outfit for 9 months, and only 4 of those months count as BCBA-supervised time. I need 18 supervised months to sit the exam. Still, only about half the jobs to which I've applied involve a BCBA.

I have at least one interview a week. I keep thinking this interview went well, that interview went very well--and then the employer makes no follow-up contact. I still mail out thank-yous for each meeting, increasingly feeling like an old-fashioned idiot. Should I die my hair back to its color 15 years ago? I have earned each gray hair through my experiences on earth, and I prefer to inhabit my skin fully. Should I be sure to say to each employer, "I will give you 150%, because I simply don't know how to give only 100%"?

In the meantime, I'm delaying the consulting outfit when it tries to place me again--not that it's constant. The agency is now wary of me, just as I'm wary of it.

Here are the big questions: Do I accept a non-behavior-analysis job--because of the pay? because of the opportunity to help children? What bar must a job exceed if it's not BCBA-supervised? (an education requirement? an expansion of management experience?) And, for those positions that do feature BCBAs, what bar must they not dip below? (the number of children served? the distance I'd need to travel?) Is there even a reason to think about these questions, when not a soul has offered me a thing?

I think an interview went very well on Friday, to become an Intensive Care Coordinator (the ICC is basically an on-call, in-home case worker). But then, another interview went very well two weeks before that. The Friday duo said they'd call me on Tuesday to set up a second interview...but then the two-weeks-ago duo said they'd call me for a second interview within three days. And nada. The ICC position requires a master's, so part of my education is honored; but there are no BCBAs involved.

I think that I have to develop a spreadsheet analysis page that, from now on, I can refer to before I even apply.

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