Friday, February 10, 2012


I was trying to blog from my iPad, and all that I was able to log was the "headline" below. At least I got something posted while I was away!

I was feeling ill start to finish for the trip (and I'm still sick, ears blocked). Nonetheless, there were things to love.

First, I love it that my MIL, Marie, slipped my husband some cash for me to take with me. Considering that I haven't worked a single hour since filing that work-site 51A, the extra $ was more than welcome.
Second, I love it that Tress came with me, as she's such good company.
Third, I love it that we discovered Edenton, a very small, really pretty, soundside community (for retirement?) in NC. Pics to follow.
Fourth, I love it that, when we met with my cousin Garna on Sunday, she brought along her daughter Jaclyn, a high school senior, who proved smart, interesting, and a nice new connection made.

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