Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hatteras, post-Irene

Seriously, new inlets? We didn't really need new inlets... or did we? Would nature create what it does not need? I don't think that Mother N is prone to redundancy. Below, that water is pretty blue, which means: deep.

Note: These pictures are in pairs as each pair depicts two views of one area (three areas in all). Two images were provided by the N.C. Coastal Federation; the others I gathered in shock and did not note from whence they came.

On Hatteras they were debating last year whether to extend the Bonner Bridge through Pea Island (the uninhabited, protected stretch of northern Hatteras). It looks like they should have decided to do so, but they did not.

The segmented roadway is what has isolated approximately 2,500 Hatteras residents. You can't get there by car, and the ferry from Ocracoke has stopped because Ocracoke is having some highway issues: The dunes are completely gone along some stretches, which must be cleared to ensure that they remain whole.

We are supposed to be vacationing there in, I believe, 53 days. Despite what NC Governor Purdue has said on the news, I *believe* (believe, believe) that our oceanfront cottage will be accessible via Ocracoke. As long as no additional storms blow through.

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