Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't think you're All That, just cuz...

I was hoping, this morning, that I *would* prove to be All That. I guess it remains to be seen. You see, I'm registered for a class that starts next Monday. I discovered on Friday that the professor had emailed me, using my Endicott email address (which I don't check regularly), on July 21. The message was: Buy this 2,100+ -question, exam-prep module, and complete it, by the time the class starts.

I had plans for this past weekend. I wasn't about to nix them -- they were long-standing plans. So I went to the website this morning, Monday, to purchase the module. And, tho' the website says they "open" at 8am, I was told to come back at 10am. [Udate, 10:45am: Still nobody there.] Meanwhile, the prof tells me he is "very concerned" that one week just isn't enough time to get the work done. Well, that's what I have; and I see myself as competent to get done what needs to be done. But -- shifting gears here -- since the exam for which the module is prep is not on my docket until March 2013, how am I supposed to make the prep relevant and lasting, have it make a difference in my eventual examination?

Also: Since when is it okay for a professor to assign homework more than 2 weeks before class even begins? Did I miss some evolutionary development in college/grad-school norms?

My aim here was to sound exasperated, not victimized. There is just too much victim-posturing in America today, on the parts of those who are not truly victims here in the day-to-day US-of-A:
I would advocate for missionary work in parts of the world where Christians are truly marginalized -- but such advocacy is inappropriate when I belong to no church! I guess, then, it's advocating for the Peace Corps, which has recently been derided as No Longer Necessary.

I haven't mentioned the debt ceiling. I'll let the Daily Dish address it:
I believe to my very core that those who have benefited the most from living in this country owe it the most in taxes -- b/c they would not be so wealthy but for living in this free market. But so be it.

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