Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I really should be studying tonight, but I'm simply too tired. I survived an awful stomach bug over the weekend, suffered simultaneously with constant, constant work on my 2,100 questions -- work that had begun on Monday the 1st and occupied practically every non-working, waking moment till 9pm Sunday night. I had to apply myself in seriousness to those modules, with frequent bathroom breaks, b/c the score required on each one was 100%.

Received the syllabus, at last, late on Sunday, after the professor emailed me to say, "You got the syllabus I sent in July, right?" I will own that I responded in all-caps, which I'm not happy to confess, to say: NO I DID NOT!!!! (After all, I had emailed *him* on Aug 4 to say, "Done with that syllabus yet? Any texts that we should buy?") And wasn't there a 700+-page book on that syllabus that had to be read by today? Of course there was.

I scanned it. No other choice. Thanked my lucky stars that it was Nookable.

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