Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mom + My Assignments

My mother developed a superbug pneumonia toward the end of her stay at hospital-level rehab. In addition, MGH phoned to say that she had been exposed to TB. And now she's at Blueberry Hill, a skilled nursing facility, in Beverly. She appears to really like her room.

She requires what they call "maximum assist" with the tasks of daily living at this time. I'm not sure whether to regenerate hope (and challenge her) or continue to feed her food by spoon nearly daily.

I have to go with the former at this time, because my thesis is due in 10 days, and my ABA professors are a pair of...let's just say I can't believe they are respected as educators. I already knew that one of them had delusional ideas about workload. Now the other, more famous one is encouraging us to be more "scholarly." You know, I don't think I lack that quality. I think that when one is engaged round-the-clock in scholarly pursuits, one does not need to strive for "scholarly" status.

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