Sunday, March 27, 2011

Launch Beach

Maybe I should call it Glass Beach. That's why I went. On the day that my mother did not respond to me/to my presence, I went for sea glass to the beach where we launch our dinghy, and where I typically find numerous pieces of sea glass.

I wasn't alone there, so I cut the visit short. I did pick up maybe 30 pieces, including one ceramic piece with a blue pattern.

Obviously, there were obstacles on this and a subsequent visit. Quite unexpected. It looks like the heavy three-bin object washed ashore. It is attached by line to the stone wall. The driftwood 'fence' (lower picture) may have been erected by children playing cops 'n robbers. I hope that it was. What with last year's attempted claiming of our dinghy and the occasional snarky homeowner muttering things, we are beginning to feel unwelcome in the community where we have our mooring.

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