Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tonight I went to the White House website, whitehouse.gov, to see about sending an email to the prez (or his team, of course). I found the words "Contact us" near the top right of the main page. I clicked, I provided my information, and I wrote my message.

What I said was that we need to preserve the Public Option in any health care reform package. If you could choose the benefits that are provided to the average recipient of Medicaid, at significantly less cost to yourself than whatever other insurance giant–based options are offered, would you not choose it?

The Public Option represents reduced cost—reduced by up to 30%—for health care. It is damn good health care (better than what I have right now).

Why would it be left out? Because insurance lobbyists are lobbying HARD. Don't let them win this one. It could not be more important. See Paragraph One for your instructions.

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