Tuesday, April 28, 2009


OK, so I haven't remarked yet on the whole torture business. I could still be in shock. One guy was waterboarded exactly how many times? ALL behavior is about choices. Who could make that choice, to repeatedly waterboard ANYone?

I'm with Shep: America doesn't f*cking torture. It matters to me that my country used to have a reputation, and that its reputation is now shredded, altered, perhaps permanently.

The thing is, torture does not produce intelligence. It produces lies. I know this like I know my name: just by existing. Doesn't everyone know this?

Recently there was a news item about research into police procedures. It found that the methods used in a standard police interrogation are prone to producing false confessions. Google it. It's so bloody basic. If we get lies out of standard procedure, what are we supposed to get out of torture?

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