Sunday, April 5, 2009

Necessity and Rockets

I'm still considering my opinions on the following two topics: unemployment in Michigan, and North Korea's missile launch.

I have been saying for years, for decades actually, that Flint (and, by extension, Detroit) needs to look outside GM for its future. Genius and business acumen exist in that town. It could be the location of the Next Big Thing.

But does necessity breed invention? I've been waiting for some creative bombshell to drop in Michigan for many years now. Has need been as sharply present over the past 25 years as it is right now? I suppose what I'm saying is that I =hope= that necessity breeds invention.

As to North Korea... I was thinking yesterday, driving north and home to Gloucester, that it wouldn't be such a bad thing if some agent sabotaged that rocket. I am ashamed to confess this—no fan of international meddling, I hoped that the agent would be Korean. But I am not sad to read (on BBC, anyway; not everywhere) that the launch failed.

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