Sunday, April 5, 2009


The new CEO of GM was on Meet the Press this morning. (I know, I shouldn't watch Meet the Press. I received the new Vanity Fair yesterday, and I was most pleased to see that James Wolcott shares my feelings about the Sunday morning political shows: completely out of touch!)

Anyway, the new CEO never said what he needed to say: The company needs to take off the rose-colored glasses that it has worn for decades. It has to believe in transparency, to get it that a curtain of 'projections' and positive numbers cannot be drawn over its operations. It needs to understand that there is no more "what we want to hear" when what we need is the cold, hard truth. It is not only what we (US citizens) need, but also what he needs to look at.

Grinchie David Gregory posed an absurd question about whether Obama would ever really do anything to hurt the unions when he was elected with broad labor support. Hello? Obama/his administration has already made clear an expectation that money-losing brands within GM will be cut. In what world does cutting limbs from a company favor the work force?

I'm not saying that the Obama people were wrong in proposing to streamline GM. GM requires a surgical excision of both its bleeding units and its million-dollar, upper-level clones.

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