Monday, September 7, 2015

Laundromat in Portsmouth

In Portsmouth, I wanted the kids to see a church near the water that was bombed during WWII. (See 2012 posts here for pics and more info on this church.) However, our arrival was late enough that all we saw, basically, was a laundromat, a restaurant, and the ferry terminal. :(

We saw a laundromat because we did a load of washing at the cottage, which had no dryer, and we really needed a dryer. Thankfully, the dryer that we found was industrial strength and speedy.

Alex chose the restaurant. She wanted Chinese, and I didn't object, since this trip 'belongs' to the kids. But I don't like Chinese food. Lo and behold, the restaurant was Malaysian as well as Chinese, and we got prawn crisps, and I ordered satay and nasi goreng!

However, I couldn't stop thinking about how neither Maz got to try a Cornish pasty or Cornish ice cream. Evidence, IMHO, that they will have to return. But for now, on to France.

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