Monday, September 7, 2015

Bye-bye, Bakelite

We left Williton, home of the Bakelite museum(!), in a rush, not because we were late, but because of Jezabel. Jezabel is/was a ginormous spider, in all seriousness at least 2 inches wide. One of us was 'posted' to watch him in shifts, to ensure he didn't get into our stuff, as the other two gathered belongings and checked rooms. Toward the end, spidey made a sudden rush for the door, so we did, too, bolting it and clambering into the car.

I am not typically afraid of spiders. In my classroom at Pathways, I used to tell the kids who found them, "Leave him be, and I'm sure that in return he'll leave you be." But this was a HUGE spider, and James, who isn't afraid at all but kind of fascinated, offered that he wasn't sure but thought that it could be venomous. Nuff said.

About an hour away, I remembered that my jacket was still hanging in the entry closet. My new mobile phone was still in the pocket. Gah. I half-turned back, then decided against, but changed our direction enough that we pointed toward Exeter rather than toward Portsmouth. OK, Exeter is where we'll go to top up my iPad and look into data for the Mazzes. We contacted the cottage and asked for a mailing of the jacket to Vero in France.

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