Monday, September 7, 2015

Glorious cliffs of Trebarwith-Tintagel

Aah, Trebarwith Strand. James said it well when he exclaimed, "It even SMELLS so good," referring to the whole scene: ocean, rocky coastline, hillocks and cliffs, families and surfers, wind and spray, sand and slate, beer garden and ice cream parlor.

Alex's words: "I feel like I've been sitting here a really long time, but I'm not getting tired of looking at it"--"it" being the vista, the view. There really is nowhere I have been that is more beautiful.

Alex and James took the cliff walk that Victor and I did three years back (they went only one way; we did it times two!). Like us, they loved it and snapped a number of pictures on the way to Tintagel (see

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