Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last year it was 80 degrees

I am in a position, once more, of seeking a behavioral assessment job. I mean, I did get one, it's great, it pays $42 an hour! But a) it's fee for service, b) it doesn't begin for a month, and c) the availability of hours will be governed by others. So I'd love to find something steady, but not full time, as a supplement.

Why am I looking again? My place of employment still values me and has me working (also fee for service) out of the office. But I resigned due to a change that I found intolerable. I was exhausted and unwilling to go along with a plan to squeeze out even more blood.

Also, for all of the past year, I've been aware that I need more practice hours as a behaviorist. This year, the law changed so that, if I don't get started right away, I'll need 5 years' worth of hours to sit for the certification exam. I'll also need 15 more credit hours. No, no, no! If I can get started NOW, then the exam is within my grasp in 2014.

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