Sunday, September 30, 2012

No July? Really?

I wish I could say why I have been less prone to blogging of late. Time is involved, certainly. I'm working full time for the first time in two years. My hours can be upwards of 45 each week. My fractured foot is a factor as well, and my feelings about that injury and its treatment. I get spitting mad to consider the wrong-headed protocols, weeks on crutches, conflicting advice, difficult rehab, et al., especially when it feels the same now as it ever did (that is, painful). I have been saving pictures for use in this blog. For example, I captured every stage of the garden this summer. I snapped pics of our scant few sails aboard Kiwi this year(each time I was aboard, my back--out of alignment after the crutches--gave me real grief, but I'm GLAD that we sailed anyway!). I took images of travels, not only Detroit (partially covered here) but also Virginia. I'll post what I can, as I can. It bothers me that on-blog I omitted July, the month when full-time work and several-times-a-week physical therapy did me in. July is the first month in my years of blogging when I was silent. I'm not sure that much is signified by that period of no communication, however, so: Let's just move on.

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