Monday, August 13, 2012

Clio and Ann Arbor

We toured old haunts today: Clio, where I spent the first nine years of life and where Gill spent all her pre-college years of U.S. education, and Ann Arbor, where Gillian attended the University of Michigan.

We met up with great and important old friends: Ann O'Dell, Gillian's closest friend during her primary school years; Joe Chase, part of the Swart-Chase-Gorman triumvirate of Welch Boulevard; and Al Larese, with whom we have met up every day.

Gill will have to say for herself what Al was to her, but for me: Al was a friend at the start of my journey, having only just left the home of my parents, headed out into the world. He worked for me and played with me, something he still has abundant capacity for (play, that is). Gillian found him on Facebook this year, and the weekend was very much geared toward reunion with Al (that's him, after dark, in Ann Arbor, with Gill).

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  1. Such kind words, my dear. You have no idea how great it was to be with you last weekend. Let's not wait another 26 years until our next reunion. Love you.