Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lake Huron

I dropped Gill, who is traveling with me this weekend, off at her friend Mary's yesterday. Then I headed up to Saginaw Bay. I wanted to search for sea glass.

I had realized, too late, that I had not taken any of my mother's ashes from the urn at Helen's house. I had been engaged in conversation, sometimes near arguments, with my sisters about my hope to take some ashes to Mackinac. (Conversations not about ash depositing, but about the distance to Mackinac and ride-alongs.) We never really settled the issue, and I never collected the ashes.

I went to the Lake Huron bay hoping to find a spectacular chunk of glass. I did actually encounter a massive piece of red glass--so unburnished that I nearly cut myself on it. I should have removed it from the beach to protect the volleyball players, who were not in evidence. I wasn't thinking, I just buried it in the sand. I left with one misshapen, new-ish piece of white glass...but at least I found one!

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