Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday, I went up to Maine with a classmate. We're charged with developing a business plan for an extant homeless shelter, so we went to interview an administrator with Preble Street in Portland. (Preble Street is a very well-run homeless shelter.) That's just one of the projects that I'm working on at the moment:
Project 1: Mom
Project 2: ABA classwork for 541
Project 3: ABA final, 541
Project 4: ABA 541 quiz re-take (I bombed one; it was right after Mom's stroke)
Project 5: ABA classwork, 554
Project 5: prepare defense of thesis for May 4
Project 6: business plan for shelter

I have to wrap these projects up (save for #6) in the next 11 days. I know, I =always= have too much to do. But this time I've really stuck my foot in it. I don't know how people with actual jobs get through the ABA work, I really do not. There is a possibility that my grades will not be high enough to keep my spot in the training, and I'm working on that stuff all the time.

Anyway, coming home from Maine, in the horrible weather, we stopped at a roadside BK/Starbucks plaza so my classmate could eat. Waiting in the car, my attention was drawn by a lighthouse. Was it? --Could it be? Yes! It was the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, outside a campground in Maine.

On Day 12, we leave for Hatteras!

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