Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 Hate-Its

Things I hate about my 80-year-old mother being in a hospital-level rehab at the moment:

1. She is not consistently lucid.
2. She is supposed to be "stable" but isn't really.
3. She refuses to exercise (she fears pain, and rehab is working through pain).
4. Dialysis takes up huge portions of her week.
5. She can't see well enough to read her meal-selection cards (or anything else).
6. She can't hear well enough to respond intelligently to her nurses and doctor.
7. When she is lucid, she gets depressed.
8. I worry that subjecting her to rehab at this point in her life is cruel.
9. Her periods of confusion reveal a life of unease in her adopted country.
10. I am told that she cannot ever have her beloved mashed potatoes or orange juice again (or cheese, or ice cream, or bananas, or caramels) because of the failure of her kidneys.

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