Monday, February 21, 2011

Jersey City

On our way to Philadelphia yesterday, we stopped to see Drew in Jersey City, NJ. Drew's an old friend of mine, an even older friend of my sister's.

He took us on the best tour of his neighborhood that you could imagine. The views of Manhattan are spectacular. Plus, on his side of the Hudson, there's a touching 9-11 memorial, made up of actual girders from the fallen Towers. People leave significant items (e.g., mementos, flags, pictures, flowers) at the memorial.

There also is a statue that makes a very strong statement about Russian treatment of the Poles during WWII. A rifle stabs the back of a Polish soldier, with its tip protruding from his chest. His hands are tied behind him.

In the picture of the Manhattan skyline, what you see is silver building, flat top, pointy top, then the Freedom Tower rising from Ground Zero (two cranes on top), then a domed top.

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