Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Renal Diet

So I was told today that my mother is now on a special diet -- which she should have been on for the past week. And Spaulding Rehab did not have the presence of mind to put her on it! PLUS, she had been given orange juice a couple of times by me and my sister, I had brought her special English caramels, my bro brought her a banana...the rehab had given her mashed potatoes and coffee every single day. Un-effing-believable. Was anyone going to say, ever: SPECIAL diet?!?

ACCEPTABLE: alfalfa, apples, bean sprouts, berries, breads, cabbage, cake, carrots, cauliflower, corn (fresh), iron-fortified cereal, cherries, cranberries, cream of wheat, cucumber, eggplant, green and wax beans, hard candy, honey, kidney and lima beans, margarine, mayonnaise, non-cola sodas, non-dairy milk substitute, noodles, oatmeal, oils, onion, peaches, pears, peppers, pineapple, plums, puffed rice cereal, rice, sherbet, snow peas, sugar, syrup, tangerines, tea (in moderation), unprocessed meats, watercress, yellow squash, and zucchini.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: apricots, artichokes, asparagus, avocado, bacon, bagels, bananas, barbecue sauce, barley, beer, beet greens, bologna, boullion, bran, bratwurst, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, buns, canned fish, canned fruit, canned vegetables, cantaloupe, caramels, cheese, Chinese food, chips, chocolate, coconut, coffee, cola drinks, collard greens, corned beef, cottage cheese, dates, deli meats, dried beans, dried fruits, dried lentils, English muffins, figs, ham, hash browns, honeydew melon, hot dogs, ice cream, ketchup, kiwis, liver, liverwurst, milk, mushrooms, mustard, mustard greens, nectarines, nuts, olives, oranges, oysters, pastries, peanut butter, pickles, pizza, Polish sausage, potatoes, pretzels, processed cheese, prunes, Pumpernickel, pumpkin, raisins, rye bread, salami, salmon, salt, salt substitutes, sardines, sausage, seeds, soy sauce, Spam, cooked spinach, sweet potato, Swiss chard, tomatoes or tomato sauce, vegetable juice cocktail, yogurt, whole grains, and winter squash.

INSTEAD OF CHEESE, ICE CREAM, MILK, AND YOGURT: tub margarine, butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, ricotta cheese, brie cheese, sherbet, and nondairy whipped topping.

RECOMMENDED AFTER DIALYSIS: eggs, fish, pork, and poultry.

NOT RECOMMENDED AFTER DIALYSIS: celery, grapes, ice cream, Jell-O, lettuce, melons, popsicles, and soups.

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