Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pass the Test

I passed the MTELs, all four of them. Now I could be a teacher, assuming there were no trained teachers qualified for the job, and the administration was willing to pursue a waiver in order to hire me. Yeah, right.

I'm feeling down about being laid off, and about my prospects in the world. Can you tell? Yes, I got "the letter" this week from my current employer, officially laying me off.

I ran into a board member at Corliss Brothers, where I was buying a hardy pink plant as my Cathy plant (her birthday was this week), and Vic was buying a couple of rose bushes. This particular board member was a key supporter of my program, offering it about 5K a year. He said to me, "We spoke about your program at a foundation meeting. We know that it worked, and the idea people talked about -- 'cause we're always looking for programs that work -- the idea was, Why don't we just support it? But, of course, it's too late." WTF???

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