Thursday, June 17, 2010


I completely forgot that I had already posted about both the MTELs and running into the board member. I logged on today intending to write about both.

I did spend about 12 hours in the last five days writing an essay for a scholarship competition, about 20 hours doing research for both my own thesis and a group "mini" thesis, about 15 hours emptying my cubbie at work of everything that I had contributed to it over the years, and about 10 hours with my daughter at the hospital, where she had surgery on her ankle. So no matter what you think, I am to be forgiven.

I will instead lament the absence of "wow" in my garden just lately. Prior to my irises' bloom, and during, and since, I've had astonishingly few blossoms. The yard is still lovely, of course, and we got some great salad greens out of the produce garden. But not a lot of anything else. If not for the evening primrose, there would be next to nothing going on.

This is b/c of course the gooseneck loosestrife and monarda have overwhelmed my lovely sun garden. I'm going to go back through posts from this time last year to make some decisions about which plants shall remain.

And -- *urgh* -- there's a 4-point Lakers lead.

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