Monday, October 5, 2009


I had the good fortune to hear Rep. John Tierney speak at the end of last week. He spoke about (wait for it) care reform!

It was truly fascinating to hear some of the statistics on the health insurance industry. Here's one: There's this insurance CEO in Houston. His salary is $80,000.
A day.

There's another insurance CEO whose annual salary would cover every penny spent on Medicaid and Medicare—-both of them, the poor and the elderly—-for three full months.

Ron Paul was on The Daily Show on Thursday, and he uttered the complete crap that the government spends far too much money on welfare. Really? A tiny percentage of the original, FDR-era earmark in real dollars, at a time when shocking numbers of our peers are out of work and homeless? It should be criminal to tell such resentment-spreading lies.

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