Saturday, October 24, 2009


I did like staying at the Wingate in Erie. My room was quite large (only one photo turned out, above). I liked my rental, too: a Nissan.

I tried to eat only at places I had never been before, but that didn't work out. A Jamaican/Caribbean place was closed when I went, and a Dominican "family" restaurant was, I was advised, not in a good part of town. (As if any Flint native is intimidated by the "bad" part of another town... but that night, I was too tired/falling ill to head back downtown.)

I did try a chain restaurant that was unfamiliar: Smokey Bones. Loved, loved the pulled pork that was billed as seasoned only with salt and pepper. Also went to a pub, Molly something-agin, right next door to Starbuck's. Lovely leek-and-potato soup, and I had a yummy blackened chicken chipotle alfredo there, too.

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