Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have been looking for an outboard motor since the spring, for my sailboat. (Note: "My" sailboat was weird to type. I got the boat from my dad. I got the boat's mooring from my dad, too.)

I hoped to find a motor that was $450 or less and newer than our last outboard purchase. The boat is now on its third motor, by the way: one was stolen, and the next lost compression <--supposed to be an expensive repair. In fact, there may have been another failed motor in there, early on.

I found a motor last week, and it was delivered on Monday. Once it's on the boat, the yard can step the mast and launch. But... my husband doesn't want to sail this year.

I was certified as a keel-boat sailer (sailor?) when I was 40. I considered sailing to be the activity that would dominate the rest of my life. My husband, on the other hand, has been sailing since he was about 19. He found kayaking in his late 40s, and he fell in love.

Resolving this issue will be a challenge. I actually don't expect to get to an area of compromise that will satisfy us both. What I would propose for now: if it's windy (as in, too windy to kayak), then we sail. But I'll take offers, if anyone wants to stand in for Vic.

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