Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So Vic approved the price on some plumbing work, which depends on us removing a tiled vanity from the downstairs loo. I went and made a deposit yesterday morning and was told that the work will start on Wednesday or Thursday.

I started to separate tile from vanity yesterday, but I had to stop because I needed a dust mask (seriously). About half the tile came off, so the project is well under way. We have to preserve the tile because the walls are tiled, and a smaller vanity increases exposed wall.

Before I got back down to tile removal this morning, around 8:30, the plumbers showed up. We told them they were early but that they could tackle moving the "water closet"... we need a bit more time to de-tile the vanity! But moving the toilet, as requested, will make it abut the existing vanity, on the side where the remaining tiles are stuck.

Why isn't anything simple?

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