Monday, March 30, 2009


From January 16: "Soon I will begin my spreadsheet. Every year I put one together, of the menus and ingredients necesssary for our May trip. I get to peruse cookbooks, cooking magazines, and online recipe databases. I get to choose which 12 to 16 recipes sound the yummiest..."

We are now only 33 days away from departing for the Outer Banks. I have not finished my spreadsheet. This is unusual, if not alarming (yet).

I know why... I'm writing a 20-page paper (on HIV in U.S. prison systems), doing my class reading, prepping two different trainings for where I work (each is six hours, and one is over three evenings), trying to uphold a social life and obligations as an alumnus and auntie, and working full time. I believe this is also why my blog is under-posted for the month of March.

I am going to give over this afternoon, home sick, to trying to wrap up that sheet. My husband can then indicate which of the far-too-many recipes he would like to try. I can tailor his input to match my own, and then figure out exactly what ingredients for the two weeks' worth of meals should come with us from home (as opposed to: be purchased there). Also, with pictures taken of the supplies available at our rental (as above), I'll be able to determine what pots, pans, and appliances should be packed. —>Wait, am I really going to have time?

I have developed a lengthy packing list already; we need to transport the trappings of a household. Sounds huge; when you have the whole winter to get it under way, it's not so big. When you have only 33 days, it's a bit bigger. We may end up eating lots of eggs (since I can't do pasta or sandwiches). And Vic hates eggs.

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