Monday, March 30, 2009


I have a terrible cough, a sore throat, an altered voice, and a runny nose. You know what I wish I had? Parke-Davis Throat Discs. These were, in the early 1970s, liquorice lozenges with a smidgen of chloroform (no longer legal).

I have found where I can buy the new formulation today. Of course, they won't help me today (as an online order).

My eldest sister and I used to hang out in Detroit with a family member of some high-up or founding Parke-Davis personage. The family being well-to-do, he had his grandparents' home movies, in color, of a 1930s trip to Germany. Swastikas everywhere.

But back to the discs. A look-see on-line tells me that they are favored by DJs and singers as a vocal anesthetic. Interesting. Sounds like Sucrets, but as long as the discs are still licorice (alt. spelling) flavored, definitely preferred by me.

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