Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm sick, sick, sick. Can barely talk. Nonetheless I was all over creation today, acquiring stuff for the room (where, at work, we host the kid clients). Got a big plush pillow and fleece, plus a 2nd DDR mat and a 2nd GH guitar... can't find the second mat that I know I used to have, plus somehow I've lost the controller for the wireless #2 guitar, which I can find, but which is useless without the controller. And I got a cute rug for the Lego area, only $7.99!

Also I picked up pencils, cards, etc., for the homework boxes, since on the first day everybody wanted to go play during the homework period -- and that would have been pretty disruptive for the kids who were still working on homework. Got some =quiet= puzzles for the homework boxes, too.

Now I just have to tackle the resistance that I encountered from one of the other grown-ups in the room. *sigh*

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