Sunday, October 31, 2010

DC Rally

It was so, so, incredibly packed. We started to think that it could be a little crowded when we saw these guys waiting for the same flight that we were BALTIMORE. We got off the plane, drove to the northern terminus of the DC Metro, and found that trains were already packed when they entered the station. They were full of people who had not been able to board south-bound trains at their points of origin and so decided to head north first and wait.

The Metro now reports that there were more than 825,000 train trips on Saturday, when typically the number is 350,000. I can't guess how many people gave up, unable to find room on a train into DC.

We missed the first 90 minutes, in part because of the Metro crowding, and in part because it took us a good half-hour to push our way through the crowds and sort-of toward the center.

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