Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moderate Breeze

In a moderate breeze, the Kiwi sails quite nicely. Thing is, she's only 16' long, so unless the swells roll out smoothly, she is a bouncy ride. When the swells DO roll smoothly, it's like body surfing.

You know when you're in the water, and a wave is coming, and just as it reaches you, you lift your feet up and let it carry you? There were moments exactly like that during our sail today, when we were propelled by the ocean currents. Our speed was good, considering that the breeze was only moderate.

Victor slipped a downhaul into the clip at the jib tack and tied it to the head. That worked beautifully. We both tasted salt spray today, and Victor was able to trail his hand in the water. He did miss that experience during the O'Day years.

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