Sunday, August 8, 2010

Massachusetts Life, Part IV

When I knew I would be leaving my editorial job -- both to return to school, and because I could advance no further in my editorial role -- Victor and I decided to buy a house. I truly feared becoming homeless as I left H. W. Wilson, and I wanted some equity!

We chose Malden because of its affordability, ca. 1993, and because of the diversity of its population (I'm from Flint, remember -- not comfortable in a sea of white). We knew when we married that we would be pursuing adoption, and diverse neighborhoods were important when we didn't know who our children would be.

Though we fell in love with this house, and lived there pretty happily for 11 years, I experienced a terrible depression immediately after our move in. Was it the loss of the water view? We had a glorious view of Boston from our hill, and at times we could see Boston Harbor, if conditions were right. What I thought was: Victor's savings made our down payment. As the lesser earner, and as a woman, I felt awful not to have been able to achieve home ownership independently.

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