Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am thankful that our costly fence stayed up during the Thursday-night storms. It sounds 'on the street' like new and old, cheap and expensive fences fell victim to the winds (gusting up to 87mph per a reading at a Rockport yacht club, no matter what TV news says). I wish I had pictures to show you all, but my husband toured without his camera, dammit!

A dozen streets had to be closed due to trees and power lines being down. After the peak had passed, lobster pots were up on the Boulevard. Two inns on the back shore lost their roofs, one partially and one completely. Sheds got relocated. Three fishing boats were blown off their berths in the harbor. People were still without power last night, some told to expect no reconnection to the grid during the weekend. MOST of Rockport had no power at 5pm. A power transformer blew at work, meaning folks got an extra day added to their weekends (not me, I was at a training out of town).

A tree is down right next to our house--thank goodness it didn't hit anything. Roof shingles sprinkle the road. In our backyard, the steel garden swing was blown to the back, tree branches were strewn everywhere, and our grill departed from its moorings.

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