Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outer Banks

I emitted a squeal tonight, clapping and bouncing in my chair. In a slide-show survey of storm damage on the Outer Banks, I saw Once Upon a Time (the house where we stayed this year) whole, apparently intact.

See #33! http://islandfreepress.org/2009Archives/11.17.2009-ARetrospectiveOnTheCoastalStorm/index.html —- NOTE, the picture above is NOT from after the storm, but is instead ca. 2008. You have to use the link to see our home-away-from-home now. If you link, Once Upon a Time is in the lower left quadrant of pic 33, the first house entirely within the picture.

You may recall that I said, "I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that house," but I don't know that you know what a big deal this is. In the weekend storm, on the Outer Banks, 349 structures (mostly single-family homes) were damaged—-of which 81 were so damaged that they are not habitable. Another three are just plain gone, washed into the ocean.

The eradication of dunes has left numerous homes standing in the tidewater. Two motels sustained major damage; both were in Buxton, the town where Once Upon a Time is located. The house is within one block of those two motels.

Just imagine that had happened on our coastline! The affected Banks constitute only 50 miles of seashore.

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