Saturday, November 21, 2009


I got my hair cut on Thursday. I wanted a particular style. I printed out three pictures of other people wearing it. I brought with me three old pictures of myself wearing it. I found online instructions for hairdressers to create this cut and printed those out, too.

You know what this paragraph is going to say. Of course, I did not get exactly the cut I wanted. The hairdresser didn't even read the instructions. What I got is, it seems, the haircut that Patricia Arquette now has, on Medium. Not a bad haircut. Just not the one I wanted (and not the one I did everything imaginable to pursue).

I did not realize at the time that it wasn't right because, just as at the end of any haircut I have ever gotten, the hairdresser poofed and producted and blew my hair dry. I don't do any of that at home. At the end of the appointment, I appeared to be Hilary Clinton when she stopped wearing headbands and ponytails and went with the starched head look.

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