Friday, December 9, 2011


I have a boot on my right foot. It's heavy, ugly, and uncomfortable. I have to wear it for six weeks!

My foot had been bothering me for months. I saw my primary care doctor in September to complain about it. He sent me for X-rays, but didn't see anything. It was getting progressively worse, so I returned last week. The PCP did some follow-up and saw that there was probably a stress fracture.

When we were on the Outer Banks in October, every walk I took down to the pier was sloooow because of my foot. When I am at work, walking up and down the stairs 6 to 9 times, and taking my client to the park and back each day, I leave limping. I was off work this week, but just got orders to go back from the ortho guy who prescribed the evil boot. Evil ortho guy.

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