Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Mom was transferred over the weekend to MGH, and I've been staying at my sister's house in Malden so as to be close enough to "take the morning shift," re: visitation. The dialysis literally makes my mother psychotic, and we have to be around as proxies to grant permissions and the like.

Today, however, I return to Glosta. The predictions of snow and the shortage of packed underwear make it time to go home. That, plus: Mom is supposed to be transferred to a regular room!

Of course, she was transferred to a regular room at Beverly Hospital just before they discovered the aortic aneurysm, which prompted transfer back to Critical Care. The aneurysm was indeed leaking into the outer aortic wall (a.k.a., dissected) and so potential for it bursting must be high (and would be fatal). But at MGH, they seem less worried about the aneurysms (yup, more than one) and more worried about the diverticulitis, renal failure, and re-discovered blood clot in Mom's leg. Her 6-month Coumadin treatment was supposed to address that -- and didn't. Urgh, I worry about all of it.

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