Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfect Storm

This week is a perfect storm of commitments and responsibilities. I haven't even touched my Christmas cards! I have 3 pages done of a 10-page paper...and I'm hosting the holiday this year! Today I completed 2 assignments, got a good start on a 3rd, completed a test, put together 5 monthly reports for a state agency for work, and attended a class meeting. Tomorrow is paper and so is Friday (when it's due), so I just don't know when I'm going to get back to the 3rd assignment. But it's also due Friday, so I have to fit it in. Except I work tomorrow in Lawrence, an hour-long commute each way.

Thanks for reading this far. On top of the above, I have a parent who is going to require 24/7 assistance with daily living upon discharge, probably next week. As soon as my classes wrap up, a new responsibility arises.

The class meeting tonight was for thesis guidance, so of course I'm also supposed to be producing my thesis (75 pages), and a new online course began last week. I haven't even =thought= about the 4 papers that it requires. AAAAAAAGH

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