Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm sorting my glass yet again, getting rid of pieces that are insufficiently frosted. I'm also getting rid of pieces that were planted on the beaches/in the water -- more on that later.

I got a call tonight about the Haverhill job. They want me to come aboard, at least for Oct to Dec. They wondered, however, why I would work for them, when I worked for them before, and at my exit wrote a "scathing" (their word) letter about the experience.

Shades of a family member here. I remember writing that I hoped that my daughter would be placed at a facility administered by the company. I also remember writing that my sometime supervisor was not consistently appropriate, in different and perhaps aggravated words. Well, so be it. I had a feeling that the letter was potentially inflammatory, and I wouldn't write another one like it. However -- sorting through my memories, at least -- it was the truth.

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