Monday, March 15, 2010


Dan Rea (I hope I spelled that right) has a show on WBZ radio that drives me crazy. Last Wednesday he made reference during the broadcast to the "Loony Left." I'll grant you that there is a Loony Left. But how come no one (least of all reactionary Dan Rea) ever talks about the Tightie Right?

Whereas the Loony Left deconstructs, the Tightie Right dehumanizes. Whereas the former takes relativism to extremes, the latter issues baseless judgments. I think both are worthy of occasional derision, in equal amounts.

By the way, the reason I listen to Dan Rea on Wednesday nights is hard to define. I'm on my way home from class, the radio is tuned to what was, on the way in, traffic and news, and it's difficult for me to remember to put on my driving glasses, much less re-set the station on the radio.

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