Saturday, December 26, 2009


What am I going to do with my 2009 recipe collection? Typically, I gather them all year, then try them out during our vaca on the Outer Banks. No such vaca this year, and I knew all year that there wouldn't be, but still I collected recipes. I have quite a pile.

Hubbie says, "Just try them out here." But that would mess with my rituals—-those involving new (to me) techniques and flavor profiles, cooking for hours, and the to-the-ounce planning of shopping expeditions. I know, I know, other people do that all the time; [sigh] I don't.

I could be manufacturing anxiety. I can't find a couple of Netflix discs, and I've been actively anxious about that all evening. Have you ever put something at the bottom of your mental list, only to have it fall off the list entirely, yet bother you often, just beyond the reach of memory?

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