Sunday, August 2, 2009


When some new weight-control study is made public, I'm happiest when it reveals that what I do now is smart. I'm lazy, I don't enjoy exercise, and I love food. The tradeoff is one with which I can live (being fat and happy, if stressed by the guilt of "I really should", instead of thin and happy, if stressed by a focus on intake/output).

However, as regards economics, I find no excuse or tradeoff acceptable that promotes laziness—-especially national laziness. Any study or philosophy that concludes that bankers and insurance agents are our saviors is simply bogus. Frighteningly so. When was the last time a fiscal institution took care of your kids while you saw a doctor? How about, proposed expansion of the capital of the underclass?

Some philosophies actually permit/encourage demonizing of the poor. How lucky for those of us who are not poor. Of course, I understand the popularity of philosophies that let you think you're smart by not changing a thing. But this morning, while I was watching the political pundits and HBO, Friedman-omics simply offended.

What mystifies is the idea that making money is, all by itself, a good deed: "Greed is good." I would love to see no more reliance on Milton Friedman, no more praise of Ayn Rand. Altruism will =not= ruin us all—-it is the very foundation of my family, created by public-agency adoption.

Speaking of families... have you yet heard about The Family of politically ranking fundamentalists? I still can't even wrap my head around that.

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